How to be competitive in the IT job market?

Current Situation

The world is changing fast, and the recent world pandemic showed that the shift towards digital would grow even more, which will mean that even more people will be competing to get the job in the IT sector.

What will be a great way to stand out in this fast-growing market?

Of course, you will need to start by analyzing the market and deciding which direction you want to take. Do you want to be a backend developer, write software for more prominent companies, or develop your mobile application? There are millions of opportunities in the IT sector worldwide.

In Germany alone, there are currently 82 thousand job openings in the IT sector. All that doesn’t mean that there is no competition in the IT job market. It only shows that you need to be even more competitive to land your dream IT job and become successful.

Steps to take in order to become competitive on the market and land your dream job

Learning to code will probably be the first thing you need to know, but it became quite approachable in the last few years. Udemy alone counts hundreds and even thousands of IT courses; some of them are great, and you might want to check them out.

And one more personal tip – don’t be afraid to ask a question. Being the creators of several IT courses we are encountering a lack of activity to solve your own problems daily. Most of the time a simple Google search can help you to answer 90% of your questions, and it will also present you as a competent and effective programmer.

Engaging in volunteer work might be great advice as well, in order to land your dream job you need experience, and what’s the better way to get experience than participating in volunteer projects or doing an internship. You can approach companies and individuals and try to help them solve the issue, it will be beneficial for both parties – you will get the experience and your employer free service.

Building the network is also crucial, try joining dedicated to programming Discord servers, following threads on Quora and also get a GitHub account.

Adjust your CV for each job position. It is more of general advice when looking for a job, but showing your future employer that you will work specifically great in the open position is something that can definitely help you to stand out and be more attractive as a future employee.


But what’s next, you found out where you want to work, which language you use, and even a specialization? Now comes the exciting part – productivity.

Being a great programmer takes a lot of time, practice, and patience as well. On average, the developer is spending around 4 hours a day writing code, according to ActiveState Developer Survey. However, writing code is not the most significant part of developers’ work; apart from writing code, you need to spend time debugging, code maintenance, and research.

And personal productivity tip from Denis, an instructor with more than 150 K students on Udemy:

When starting to program, you don’t write in a blank file with your text editor, instead, you can use an IDE. This helps you to see errors during development etc. But there is one more step that you can do to be more efficient that is equal in gravity.

You can use shortcuts and shortcodes, these are particularly helpful when you want to increase your coding speed. You can use already existing ones, or create custom codes that will help you personally.

On top of that, there are a bunch of extensions, that will increase your productivity and make it more fun to develop.


Learning to code is one thing, and being competitive, fast, and efficient is an entirely different story. Your own experience, advice from fellow programmers, and personal research can help you a lot. And of course practice, and once again practice.

For C# programmers, we created a special C# And Visual Studio Productivity Masterclass where you can learn how to double your coding speed, increase your productivity and even create your shortcodes to make your life as a programmer much easier.