This year while brainstorming with the team about the Black Friday promotions we decided not to do it at all. It is great to catch your deals and buy things you really wanted for a significantly reduced amount of money – but where is the profit? Of course, it will positively affect the sales and help us to budget new courses, will help also to produce free content and grow, and we want all of these, but we want the positive impact as well.

After our brainstorm, the Green Thursday concept was born and we decided to run a special promotion and also contribute to our planet’s wellbeing. So what’s the deal?

The deal is the next: you can buy all our courses for the smallest price available on Udemy and we will donate 1$ from each coupon redemption to #teamtrees. Every $ plant a tree so every coupon redemption will automatically plant a tree. This way we will both contribute to the planet’s health and our courses! We will publish the information about the number of trees we together will be able to plant.

Sounds good? Then check out the courses we offer for this Green Thursday.

Here is a list of the courses we offer with a special discount: **

**The discount is available for 4 days, after the link will become a referral and you will be able to buy the course with the best current price. Please note that we will donate only from the coupon redemptions.

More about the courses:

The Complete Android 10 & Kotlin Development Masterclass

If you sign up now you will get all this Android app development content:

  • Over 45 hours of high quality & high definition 1080p video content
  • The complete code with step by step guides (in the code itself). So either you follow along in the video, or you get right into the action in Android Studio yourself.
  • Loads of exercises that make sure, that the knowledge really sticks.
  • The best Android 10 app development course money can buy.

You will build these amazing Android apps

  • A Trello Clone
  • A Quiz App
  • A 7 Minute Workout App
  • A Weather App
  • A Drawing App
  • and more…

Android Firebase Firestore – Masterclass – Build a Shop App

In this course we are covering such topics as

  • Firebase basics
  • How to upload and download data to and from an online database
  • Displaying Images from the Cloud in your app
  • Creating User Profiles
  • Uploading and displaying Products
  • Building a Cart System
  • Selecting images from your phone

After my step-by-step guidance, you will be able to

  • build your own Cloud Apps. Not only Shop apps but with the Firebase skills you will acquire, you will also be able to build Apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, or Tinder

What will I get from this Unity 3D course?

  1. Advanced C# coding skills
  2. Advanced Unity 3D game development skills
  3. Basic blender skills to create your own 3D assets
  4. Support in the discussion forums

Which projects will be covered?

  1. Pong Clone
  2. Endless Runner (e.g. Zig Zag Clone)
  3. Minesweeper
  4. Fruit Ninja Clone
  5. Farm Ville Clone
  6. Bitblaser XL Clone

You start off by learning the C# basics and C# programming concepts in general:

  • variables
  • methods
  • arrays
  • if statements
  • loops

Then you learn the three pillars of Object oriented programming.

  • Classes and Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

And then you learn:

  • Using Databases
  • WPF – Creating a GUI
  • Using Linq
  • and much more

The Complete Python 3 Masterclass – From Beginner To Pro

First a small overview of what this course offers you:

  • Understand the basics of Python 3 development
  • Understand object orientation
  • Develop your own applications in Python 3 development
  • Challenge your knowledge with various quizzes and exercises
  • Easy repetition of knowledge: Extensive fact sheets

Various practical examples:

  • Extract data from web pages with a ****web crawler
  • Write real desktop applications with Qt
  • Develop a web server with Flask
  • Apply Data Analysis with Python 3
  • Develop a face detection software
  • Develop a simple machine learning application
  • And much more…

With ML (Machine Learning) you can make predictions about it:

  • whether cancer, for example, is malignant or benign, (better than the best doctor!)
  • whether a fungus is edible or toxic (over 99% accurate)
  • how much a car with a certain mileage is worth
  • how much you can charge for a diamond (based on some key data)
  • and much more.

You will learn a lot about algorithms and how to use them:


  • Linear Regression
  • Polynomial Regression


  • Logistic Regression
  • Naive Bayes
  • Decision trees
  • Random Forest

C# And Visual Studio Productivity Masterclass

The course consist of 6 chapters where you will learn:

  • How to navigate through Visual Studio like a pro
  • Use Re-shaper – the most powerful extension – to your needs
  • Create your own shortcodes and shortcuts to reduce your typing by up to 50%

Remember, we will donate 1$ from each GREEN THURSDAY coupon redemption – learn to code and save the planet!