Mobile development is evolving rapidly; apps that we use daily are becoming more complicated and technically sophisticated. In the past, apps were just simple entertainment, whereas today, they are becoming more complex tools for solving challenging tasks.

As an app developer, you probably look for services and tools to build your cloud application based on analytics, knowledge of fellow programmers, and performance-boosting. Well, Google Firebase is the most potent backend solution in this case. It will simplify your life as an app developer and will increase your productivity.

In this short article, we will cover the top 4 advantages of using Google Firebase for app development.

Reduces time for app development and time to publish app on the market

Firebase already comes with the different backend prerequisites features and activities you can then use while building your application; there will be no need to rethink each activity while building an application using Google Firebase. It is more convenient for smaller dev teams and bigger companies because it saves a lot of time, money, and general effort in building an application. It will significantly reduce the time for backend development and will let you focus on the front-end tasks.

All mentioned above will result in finishing the project faster. It will also put applications on the market more quickly thanks to all the features and integrations presented within the framework.

Integration with Google Analytics and AdMob

Another great Firebase advantage is integration with Google services such as Analytics, AdMob, and AdWords.

With AdMob, you will generate profits from your app using this facility to integrate advertisements in your application.

With Analytics, you can measure app users’ behavior, use the application and create targeted solutions for advertisement and application improvement.

Real-time Database

Google Cloud Firestore is a database used by Firestore to set up a database for the application quickly. It is flexible and scalable, and it allows the developers to set it up quickly.

It is directly synchronized with the backend database, reducing the layer in between and resulting in immediate data access through the Firebase SDK.

Cloud Firestore is the popular database platform within the Firebase suite of offerings. It allows development teams to quickly set up a highly scalable and flexible real-time database for their mobile, web, and server development activities.

Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL database that has an advantage to relational databases. NoSQL database is faster and easier to use.

Crash Reporting

One more firebase advantage that can convince you to use Firebase for your application is the crash reporting feature, which can help you directly address performance issues and fix the bugs straight from the backend. It will send you detailed crash reports, and it is also capable of grouping the bugs into categories that make this crash reporting feature even more user-friendly.

Some thoughts on Google Firebase

There are many more great features and advantages in using Firebase to build your application; we just named the most popular ones and the ones you notice first. We think that Firebase will develop the app market even more, and we can’t wait to see more amazing projects created with it. For example, FABULOUS use Firebase solutions for their application. It is one of the hundreds of instances where Firebase is used to improve the app features.

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