Our Learner’s Review

Jeff Shaevel

One of the best courses I’ve taken here. Thorough and well-paced. All of the examples worked, with only minor tweaking due to different version of Unity. Excellent instructor. Highly recommend this.

Pavan Yarlagadda

My views on this course are simple, an enthusiastic learner might get great use out of this course. It will definitely provide a path for a confused person trying to learn C# . It helped me to have better understanding for C#.

Andrew Cothill

From the reviews, i expected this to be a good course and it was. What made it better than just good was the instructor’s explanations of small pieces of code other tutorials have either glossed over or flogged to death with over-complicated slides. He hits that nice balance of informal and informative.

Pankajlochan Panda

I will say just One Thing, ” Mind Blowing”. The first C# Course of my life & the best course I have ever taken. Yeah, Denis, this is the best C# course out there. Console.Writeline(” You are Awesome Denis.”);

Ayad KaraKahya

Mr Denis have a magical techniques of delivering his knowledge to listens, I’ve never loved learning so much! One -note: I think the complexity curve went unexpectedly up in section 12 so be prepared! Thanks a million!